Mavian Arocha-Rowe is known as an asset to the business and communications industry, and her chispa is evident within her clients’ successes who enjoy the fruits of her labor. She specializes in building her clients’ business via social media, digital marketing, public relations efforts, and more; plus, guarantees each marketing effort is aligned with vision, mission, ambition, and brand strategy.

She has served as editor-in-chief for five prestigious publications and for the past 14 years, has directed multiple art and marketing departments as creative director and brand manager. In July 2014 she launched her own magazine, Chispa Magazine [a God-given vision]. Today, she is also the editor for Little Pink Book and the director of business of affairs for The Ruins. What supersedes all of these great accomplishments and past career endeavors is her role as wife and mother living in Atlanta.

She has a vibrant, warm, and giving soul and is busy working on the formula for balance: wife, mother, daughter, sister, mompreneur, marketer, business coach, cook, writer, interior decorator, and the list goes on. Challenging herself to discover and bravely pursue the calling for her life, she hopes throughout this journey she helps other women, and businesswomen discover and pursue their life’s assignment.

Want Details?
Arocha-Rowe recently held the position of director of creative brand communications and content and received much accolades for providing and ensuring articulation and consistency of Vacation Express’ desired brand image and position. Let’s just say she was responsible for a lot. She provided the creative direction for each advertising campaign, drove business results through the development of marketing programs via her creative critical thinking, strategic planning, and innovation. Most importantly though, she kept the morale and joy in her marketing department, despite the never ending deadlines.

As the founding editor-in-chief of Strategy Magazine, a national business lifestyle publication, she received honors from FOLIO Magazine and the Library Journal. Her hands-on experience in the ever-changing business world fused with her passion and perseverance gave way to Strategy’s “Strategy for Life” slogan. She recently turned the leaf and is now the editor for Little Pink Book, America’s No. 1 digital platform for ambitious, intelligent women who are passionate about making a difference. Mentor, career and entrepreneurial  coach, financial advisor, and office style maven — all rolled into one, Little PINK Book is the expert advice on everything working women need to know.

Mavian Arocha-Rowe is also a Speaker, Advocate for WellSpring Living, plus teaches a leadership class to its young survivors. Occasionally she is an on-air contributor for CNN NotiMujer, plus serves as a business blog expert with La Nueva Voz Latina where she provides business tips to the ambitious professionals who are thirsty to reinvent themselves within the present economy, as well as business leaders who are striving to build a legacy.

Early on in her career, she caught the attention of many publishers and television producers. While attending Florida International University, Arocha-Rowe simultaneously held rank as an editor for Selecta Magazine, Channels Magazine, and Zink Magazine—all of which serve focus to embracing a national outlook for an affluent lifestyle.

Her fresh and innovative style eventually made way to capture the awareness of Cosmopro Group International—the global umbrella corporation to Pevonia Botanica and Medicalia Skincare—whose interests were to contract with Arocha-Rowe to revolutionize their consumer outreach through PR efforts. Upon acceptance in 2002, Arocha-Rowe launched her own media firm: Reigning Media Group (RMG). For eight years, RMG provided a host of international clientele with consulting and support services geared toward developing the outreach of their brands.

The demands for her attentive and keen-eye have been vast and continuous, giving her the privilege to enhance her force as a results-driven and multifaceted entrepreneur. Arocha-Rowe, fluent in English and Spanish was responsible for launching and serving as the founding editor-in-chief for Perfect Vision Media Group; publishing umbrella for Lincoln Road Magazine, Las Olas Magazine, and Yachtsman Magazine; Paradise Magazine; as well as Nikki Style Magazine, where Arocha-Rowe seized the opportunity to reform fashion editorials by laying them out with stimulating leader interviews. She was also an instrumental leader in obtaining international distribution for Nikki Style.

For three consecutive years she served as the fashion and beauty editor for Aventura Magazine, held the position as editor-at-large for one year and later become their editor-in-chief until March 2008. Arocha-Rowe modified Aventura Magazine, and positioned them on a distinctive platform with her creative direction and interpretation on the intelligent luxury lifestyle, and high standards for journalistic integrity and consistency. This was witnessed within the 2005 Florida Magazine Association Awards where she took home five awards for her in-depth reporting, artistic interpretations for black and white photography, Best Special Theme, and Best Overall Magazine Design.

In 2006, the Florida Magazine Association once again awarded Arocha-Rowe; this time, she won the highest honor for Best Overall Use and Interpretation of Photography, and second honor for Best Overall Magazine.

Recently she was awarded highest honor for Best Headlines. Her creative abilities have enabled her to direct, oversee, and contribute to magazines from text to styling to layouts to photography. She has been selected amongst the few to judge the FOLIO National Magazine Awards in NYC and has served as guest speaker in various colleges and universities throughout the U.S.

Arocha-Rowe has showcased her natural newsworthy, yet entertaining spirited skills on camera as the producer and talent for multiple, eight-minute segments on The Rick Sanchez Show. She maintained regular presence on the NBC6 and ABC10’s morning shows, where she produced her segments and served as the talent, plus made guest appearances on the Style Network and Telemundo.

Lately she lent her voice and management skills to The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism as their served as their Content and Education Director. Having worked with the Institute for two years, Arocha-Rowe made an impact among employers as she directed their paths on making their employees more healthy and happy, hence, more productive.

Arocha-Rowe is not only experienced with strong management qualifications in the overall field of communications, she legitimately has the ability to multitask and performs strategic planning, while overseeing mass-market level operations. Having administrated creative direction to the communications industry, she has always proved her ability to learn quickly and manage every crisis.